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Eike Daube


Community fueled by practitioners and wellness enthusiasts eager to grow together!

About Me

Hello Friend! 

My name is Eike Daube I am the creator of MIND + BODY INITIATIVE and this truly incredible community. I love love love wellness and I love learning through connection and experience. Which is the big reason why I created this initiative to begin with. 

Reason #2 is because wellness is expensive and hard to access and I was sick of it. I wanted to help people by connecting them with professionals and providing them readily available information that could spark a healthy shift in their life! 

Reason #3 I focus heavily on stress & anxiety in my own work with clients and a huge proponent for symptom reduction is social support. To know you are not alone in this world and there are genuine people who want to help you is incredible and I truly believe all our members believe the same! 

Reason #4 Being well requires us to look at the all our bits and pieces the mind, body, and spirit are all connected. When we better understand ourselves then we grow into our authenticity! 

I believe in this community and the holistic wellness movement thanks for being here!

Why You Should Join Me

By joining this initiative you will gain access to a community of practitioners and wellness enthusiasts (I am biased but everyone is super fricken bad ass!).

 You will receive first access to webinars, workshops, wellness readings and information, and digital events. In addition to super amazing wellness company discount codes on products exclusive to our members! 

A Big Thanks

If you are here and reading this then I just want to say thank you so very much because you clearly just get the value of holistic wellness and how empowering it is to be amongst like minded bad ass humans! We need you and are ecstatic you are here!

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